BuildingFit™ helps Energy Engineering Firms, Commissioning Agents, and Systems Integrators deliver greater energy efficiency value, faster.


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Program Overview

The BuildingFit™ Partner Program allows qualifying energy engineering firms, commissioning agents, and systems integrators to use BuildingFit to deliver greater energy efficiency value to its customers, faster and with less staff.

BuildingFit provides smart data analytics software and supportive services to help make buildings more energy efficient, reduce energy costs, while improving occupant comfort and health.

BuildingFit software collects real-time building data from different sources (building automation system (BAS) or  building controls system), aggregates the data into one dashboard, and applies fault-detection alerts, actionable analytics, easy-to-use dashboards, and automated reports to meet the demands of sophisticated building owners.

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BuildingFit Software includes:

  • Fault-detection alerts reduce the risk of equipment anomalies or failures that lead to energy waste and poor tenant comfort

  • Advanced analytics provide actionable insights and custom KPIs using real building data to optimize building performance.

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BuildingFit Services include:

  • Rapid Customer Onboarding

    • Accurate site-tagging using the BuildingFit Auto-Tagger™

    • SkySpark® and BuildingFit Deployment

  • Customized Dashboards, Reports, and KPIs