Buildings are complicated.

Lots of moving parts means lots of data, and some days, maybe most days, it’s difficult to know where to focus.



BuildingFit makes SkySpark® work for you. 


The BuildingFit Solution

is a comprehensive energy performance platform. Use it to monitor facility and operational data, detect energy savings and optimization opportunities, verify operational sequences, and lock in performance and savings over time.




50 Million Square Feet of Experience.

Built into our software, is hard data from our deep experience connecting, mapping and tagging SkySpark sites. We use a range of data science techniques to efficiently determine which data points are valuable and how to accurately tag them.



Intelligent Analytics.

Our analytics are informed by 30 years of energy engineering experience. With each deployment, they are continuously improved and tested, and have proven to save customers time in identifying issues and money in correcting them.



Actionable Reporting. Finally.

As deployments grow, making sense of thousands of sparks is difficult. Through Key Performance Indicators, Dashboards, Deep Dive Reports and Progress Reports, we help you determine the most critical issues, track progress and communicate success.

BuildingFit offers a range of services to ensure
that SkySpark® is working most efficiently for you.