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BuildingFit SkySpark Essentials Training - Salt Lake City, UT

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SkyFoundry's “SkySpark Essentials” training program provides students with the information to start to use and implement SkySpark. It is an in-person, three-day session presented in a classroom setting.

Dates: June 25-27, 2019

Training runs 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. each day. Lunch and snacks are provided.

Venue: Snowbird’s Iconic Cliff Lodge

Venue: Snowbird’s Iconic Cliff Lodge

Where: Snowbird Resort

Located six miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird is just a scenic 45 min drive from Salt Lake City International Airport. Attendees qualify for a discounted room rate of $139/night. Details will be sent upon registration.


  • $1,400 per student for all three days*; OR

  • $1,000 per student for days 1 & 2.

* The $1,400 training package includes a third day and Module 5 of the Essentials training: Introduction to Axon Programming. Module 5 is targeted at students who will be involved in the development of Axon code to import data into SkySpark and write Axon functions and analytic rules. Axon is the underlying programming language of SkySpark. See below for more program details.


Note: This is the standard SkyFoundry SkySpark Essentials Class hosted by BuildingFit and taught by Jay Herron and Sean Stackhouse, BuildingFit's certified instructors. A brief description of each module is provided below.


The training program consists of 5 Modules, each of which builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous Module.

The Modules include:

  • M1*: SkySpark Overview - Working with the SkySpark User-Oriented Apps (Day 1)

  • M2: Building a Project with SkySpark Builder Tools (Day 1)

  • M3: On boarding data – Setting up Connectors and Importing data files (Day 2)

  • M4: Creating Custom Visualizations with ViewBuilder (Day 2)

  • M5: Introduction to Axon Programming (Day 3)

A brief description of each module is provided in SkyFoundry's SkySpark Essentials 3 Overview. This is a SkyFoundry course that BuildingFit is trained to teach.

*Completion of Module 1 provides an understanding of the capabilities, features and use of SkySpark. This session is strongly recommended for technical salespeople, and is required for students that will participate in additional training modules 2, 3, 4 and 5. It provides the essential understanding of the features and capabilities of SkySpark Apps needed to take advantage of the additional training sessions. It is also the core material typical end users need to know to use SkySpark.

Requirements and Recommended Preparation

SkySpark Essentials makes extensive use of the SkySpark Demo database, which is available with all copies of SkySpark. It includes a real-world example of a 4-building portfolio with:

  • A range HVAC equipment and energy meters

  • Multiple years of sensor data that continues to automatically generate over time

  • A selection of Rules that automatically generate sparks and produce views in the various Apps.

Students will need

  • A laptop computer with admin access rights

  • SkySpark software installed with enough capacity to run the Demo project (130 Points)

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Jay Herron

Jay Herron is a widely respected member of the SkySpark programming community, a contributing member to Project Haystack, and author of industry publications. Over the past four years, he has been an integral part of the BuildingFit team, coding countless sparks, creating custom fantom apps and unique integrations, and flexing his math muscles on novel analyses.  The best thing about Jay is he routinely engages with building operators to gain energy savings and continuously improve analytics.


Sean Stackhouse

Sean Stackhouse is a key developer for BuildingFit as well as performing on-site integrations for customers. Sean leverages his expertise in data science to create custom BuildingFit apps that are integrated into the SkySpark platform. He has four years of experience working with SkySpark and is a certified SkySpark trainer.

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Webinar: Monitoring-based Commissioning with Banner Health

Webinar: Monitoring-based Commissioning with Banner Health

An Enterprise Approach to Maintaining Energy Savings, Compliance and Occupant Comfort Across Multiple Facilities

This webinar will cover the key strategies and technologies behind Banner Health’s successful turnkey monitoring-based commissioning program.

Banner Health Ironwood Medical Center

Banner Health Ironwood Medical Center

Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Time: 11 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern
Duration: 1 hour
CEU: 1 Learning Unit (LU) - live attendees only

Building performance drift is a common challenge facing facility management, where finely tuned and commissioned building HVAC systems lose performance over time. The negative impacts of performance drift lead to wasted energy and millions of dollars in annual energy costs. For one building, the costs can be high, while for enterprises managing multiple buildings, the costs can be devastating.

Banner Health has a network of 28 hospitals. In this webinar, we will review how Banner Health teamed with ETC Group to create an enterprise-wide strategy to manage key performance indicators (KPIs), including comfort, cost, and compliance, as well as removing performance drift. Advanced MBCx tools such as SkySpark®, ClimaCheck® Key Green Solutions™ and BuildingFit™ will be reviewed.

To be successful, Banner Health introduced powerful new technologies and created a new internal organization for more streamlined communications. These efforts have led to the creation of the company’s successful turnkey monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) strategy and millions of dollars in annual energy savings.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to structure an organization and culture to maximize and maintain high performance buildings across an enterprise

  • How to leverage smart data analytics technologies to create actionable KPIs for smarter and more efficient decision-making

  • Best practices in leveraging MBCx services with modern data analytics software to address:

    • Compliance

    • Occupant comfort

    • Energy savings and lower operating costs

    • Equipment reliability and longevity

  • How to implement monitoring software tools to create historical, real-time and predictive reports about building and enterprise-wide performance

CEUs: AIA LU and HSW (health safety welfare)

All attendees who watch the entire live Webinar will receive a digital certificate for 1 AIA LU (learning unit) HSW (health safety welfare) . These will count toward the requirements for the AABC Commissioning Group’s (ACG’s) CxA (Certified Commissioning Authority), the Energy Management Association’s EMP (Energy Management Professional), and LEED general education requirements. Many other certifications accept AIA LUs, attendees should check with their certification body for approval.

Each attendee applying for CEU credit must individually register for the Webinar so his/her attendance can be tracked. Please note that processing of certificates can take up to 7 days. Filing for approval with appropriate state engineering boards and knowing the applicable state licensing board requirements are the responsibilities of the individual attendee.

About the Presenters


Shawn Mathiesen, CEM, Banner Health ROC Manager

As the Remote Operations Manager, Shawn helps manage the collaborative effort to manage building environmental systems for Banner Health’s 28 hospital and healthcare facilities. Shawn has deep experience in installing, repairing and managing large HVAC systems to maximize energy efficiency, meet compliance requirements, all while ensuring a comfortable environment for Banner Health patients and staff. Shawn is a Certified Energy Manager and graduate of Mesa Community College.

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April Guymon, PE, ETC Group MBCx Director

April leads the monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) team at ETC Group, leveraging her experience in recommissioning projects with her knowledge of the BuildingFitTM analytics and SkySpark monitoring software platforms. Her hands-on experience work at facilities in a variety of industries includes healthcare, higher education, government and central utility plants. Identifying energy efficiency opportunities in HVAC systems and working with construction teams, facility management and building owners to drive resolution provides April with a unique perspective. April has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah.

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